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Het wizzlern kenniscentrum bevat artikelen die wij vanuit onze trainingen, eigen ervaring en ervaring met Drupal-beginners schrijven.

(Un)wrap your field content

Door Erik (18 oktober 2013)
A week ago I bought a music stand on-line. It got delivered as expected, but I received more, much more. The music stand was packed in a plastic bag, in a music stand carrying bag, in a box, and with lots of cushioning filling materials in a large cardboard box. A light weight music stand wrapped in 4 layers of packaging, and adding up to 3 times its weight and 8(!) times its volume. What a waste of resources! Sounds familiar? This is what Drupal markup looks like to frontenders how are new to Drupal. Field content wrapped in three layers of divs, node and view content likewise.

About Twig in Drupal 8

Door Erik (16 mei 2013)

Twig is Drupal's best theme engine! Tomorrow I will speak at the DrupalJam about 'Twig in Drupal 8'. I will explain the pros and cons of Twig for Drupal themers, show examples of new Twig templates, explain a summary of the Twig syntax and of course do a small demo of working with Twig templates. You'll find my slides here.

Automatic Drupal deployment with Maven or Phing

Door Erik (5 maart 2013)

Neverland can't be far away when you hear things like "One click install" and "Zero touch deployment". Doesn't it? The real world is tougher. Many webdevelopers spend much more time to deploy their websites. "Should I care? I have bigger problems!" Well, it depends. Perhaps it takes only two minutes to setup your server for a new Drupal-install, only half an hour to deploy a new site. But what about two hours downtime to revert a site it because it failed to deploy?

I recently investigated two popular tools which can be used for Drupal deployment: Maven and Phing.

My journey started a few month ago when I got introduced to Jenkins. Jenkins is a widely used package for continuous integration. Deployment is a part of this, but it can also be used for automatic tests, making backups, etc. It is triggered either manually, by cron or upon commit into a version control system. To me Jenkins is, beyond doubt, very suitable for Drupal deployment.

When will Drupal 7 beat Drupal 6?

Door Erik (26 januari 2012)

During our Drupal Introduction training we show the usage statistics of Drupal core. But since there is no longer a graph of the Drupal core statistics on drupal.org, we make our own. If you like statistics, like me, there is excitement in this graph since the release of Drupal 7. Using this graph I will try to predict the Drupal 7 growth in the next month and the coming years.


Wysiwyg editor, the configuration

Door Erik (19 januari 2012)

So you have a basic wysiwyg setup using the Wysiwyg module. Lets dive deeper into the configuration of your wysiwyg editor. In this article I describe the configuration of the Wysiwyg module and how to prevent collisions with text formats.


Wysiwyg editor, which module(s) to use

Door Erik (13 januari 2012)

Drupal has no wysiwyg editor in core, but the fact is that practically all end users ask for it. People new to Drupal struggle with this and ask me regularly. In this article I will explain how to add a wysiwyg editor to a Drupal site.

Drupal deployment workflow

Door Erik (1 juli 2011)

Het landschap van Drupal deployment verandert snel. Met modules zoals Features, Drush en de migratie van Drupal naar Git, hebben Drupal ontwikkelaars en website bouwers nieuwe gereedschappen voor staging en deployment. In dit artikel beschrijven we een gebruikelijke workflow voor een ZZP Drupal shop.


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